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The Academy's Public Relations course has been specially designed to give participants access to the best practitioners in the business. These PR professionals, who work as our tutors, offer advice and guidance to students as they proceed through their course of study. The PR course teaches the publicity skills which every practitioner draws on in their daily practice, and also gives an overview of crisis pr (vital in today’s media environment). Finally, the course offers an insight into what public relations is all about and looks at how in-house professionals and external PR consultants have different duties and responsibilities.

Public relations is a skill which you can use in every walk of life. It is an industry-transferrable skill and it is an international skill.


The Academy has designed three journalism courses for people who want to start working in the industry: Journalism Certificate, Broadcast Journalism (radio) and Mobile Journalism (MoJo).

Our Journalism course covers journalistic writing, legal and ethical issues, writing features, news and colour pieces, and conducting interviews.

Our Broadcast Journalism (radio) course is for people who want to work in radio. It covers researching topics and finding interviewees. It teaches you how to interview and gives you information about projecting your voice. You also learn how to package the audio clip and how to sell that package to a radio station.

Our Mobile Journalism (MoJo) course is for journalists who want to keep up to speed with developments and enhance their ability to earn from each piece that they write. Mobile Journalism (MoJo) is about using your smartphone for content creation to enhance and complement your copy. We teach you how to combine video production and photojournalism will the creation of audio clips on your smartphone.

Journalistic skills can be applied to all areas of media – e.g. sports journalism, finance and lifestyle reporters, investigative journalism, political and music journalism  – as well as research, sub-editing and producing. Journalism is an international skill which is transferrable across continents.


The Academy's Event Management course is geared to people who want to work in the industry or who are already working in the industry, but need to up-skill. This diploma teaches all of the elements of organising an event, but, equally as important in the current climate, it will open a window into the world of event planning, health and safety issues, staff recruitment, training, legislative responsibilities, crisis planning and professional events management.

Event Management skills are used in a wide variety of industries. Graduates of this course work as wedding planners, hotel event organisers, event management companies, concert promoters, party planners and political party rally organisers. The skills needed to be a professional event manager are the same worldwide. They are infinitely and internationally transferrable.


The Academy’s Social Media Marketing course teaches participants about the world of digital marketing, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. It equips graduates with online marketing skills which are currently in great demand worldwide. This course offers the option, for each module, of learning the theory or creating the platform. It is highly interactive and skills based.


The Academy offers an English Grammar course which was specifically written to meet the needs of people who are passionate about the English language. The grammar course teaches the structure of sentences; the roles of nouns, verbs and adverbs; the function of punctuation and the parts played by participles, gerunds and conjunctions.

If writing is a part of your work function, if you just love the English language, if you need certification to show that you have a thorough understanding of the English language, then this is the course for you.


The Academy also offers a one-day Radio Presenter course in radio studios in Dublin city. This media training course is designed to give participants an understanding of the roles of the presenter, producer and editor. Most of the day, however, is spent in studio – recording news bulletins, researching and conducting an interview, participating in a vox-pop. It is a full day of intense activity. At the end of the day, students graduate with their own demo disc.


The Academy's TV Presenter course is held over one action-packed weekend in studios in Dublin. Participants are taught the rules of television – who does what in the studio, how to read autocue, what the 'language' of television is all about. Most importantly, participants learn how to present the news, introduce an item ‘MTV-style’ and research and conduct interviews. At the end of the course, students graduate with their own professional showreel.