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Diploma in Event Management (Online)

Starts: 24 August 2017

What is Event Management?

Are you a good organiser? Do you enjoy planning? Do you pay attention to the little details that make all the difference? Are you always on the lookout for new ideas? If so – then perhaps you should consider a career in Event Management. Event Management is about organising functions – large ones and small ones. It’s about working with caterers and fashion agents and marquee providers. It’s about booking bands, clowns and balloons. It's about sourcing flowers made from vegetables, and cakes made from ice. Events management is also about planning and co-ordination. Understanding health and safety legislation. Knowing when you need licences or special permissions. Mostly, Event Management is about making creative ideas come to life and doing so professionally.
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Topics covered in the Irish Academy’s Event Management Course

Our Diploma in Event Management has twelve modules. We send you a text module each week.
-       The modules contain links to specially created video and audio resources which enhance your learning experience. This exclusive content gives you professional insights, opinions and advice.
-       All of the modules on this course contain Irish examples which are complemented by examples drawn from the UK media, courts, political and business environments. 
-       The questions in each module test your ability to apply the skills you are learning. This is real world stuff. 

Module 1: Understanding the Principles of Event Management Video

Understanding project management - resources - activities - risk management - delegation - project selection - role of the Event Manager.

Module 2: Taking an idea from concept to reality Video

Conducting market research - establishing viability - capacities - costs and facilities - plans - timescales - contracts.

Module 3: Structuring a proposal Video

Clarity - SWOT analysis - estimating attendance - media coverage - advertising - budget - special considerations - evaluating success.

Module 4: Preparing a Crisis Management plan Video

Crisis planning - prevention - preparation -provision - action phase - handling negative publicity - structuring the plan.

Module 5: Seeking sponsors Video

Different types of sponsorship - definition - objectives - target market - budget - strategic development - implementation - evaluation.

Module 6: Organising the event Video

Purpose - venue - timing - guest list - invitations - food & drink - room dressing - equipment - guest of honour - speakers - media - photographers - podium - exhibition.

Module 7: Using Marketing tools Video

Types of advertising - merchandising - give aways - competitions - promotions - website and text messaging.

Module 8: Maximising Media coverage Video

Media invitations - photo-calls - press releases - TV opportunities - radio interviews.

Module 9: Choosing the best Promotional tools Video

Flyers -  posters - invitations - website - newsletters - ezines - blogs - tweets.

Module 10: Working with celebrities & special guests Video

Celebrity endorsement -  Ministerial/Presidential visits - security - personal image issues.

Module 11: Staffing and compliance issues Video

Staff recruitment and training - health and safety issues - insurance - licences and permissions.

Module 12: Working with Bloggers Video

The blogging community – key influencers – product endorsement – previews – goody bags – selfies.

Module 13: Creating Content Video

Creating a Facebook page for your event – using a unique hashtag on twitter – creating video – photographs – audio podcasts – text.

Module 14: Managing attendance Video

Using online booking systems – estimating attendance – handling gate crashers.

Module 15: Post-event evaluation Video

Budget - cost of event - return on investment - media coverage - attendance - feedback.


Starts: 24 August 2017

Event Management jobs cover a wide sweep of events. You might be working as a wedding planner, a conference organiser or a party planner.  If you work in sports you could be organising the local derby, a nationally televised annual sports awards ceremony or the next Olympics. The Event Management industry covers festival organisers, hotel staff in conference & banqueting sections, and charities organising fundraising events. You might be organising an agricultural show or planning a music festival.

The event management industry has grown over the years and is now a recognised specialisation in its own right.

Learning from experienced Event management professionals

When you start studying with us, you get your own personal tutor who works with you until you complete your course. Our tutors are Event Management industry experts. They have vast knowledge. They love to share their expertise. They enjoy interacting with students. They are generous with their time and their advice. They are also very useful contacts for you! Read More

Event Management - a Proven and Popular course of study

We have been teaching Event Management courses since 2000. We’ve taught people from a mix of different backgrounds and countries. Some work in the event management industry. Others work as wedding planners, festival organisers, conference and banqueting officers in hotels. Over the years we have, literally, changed people’s lives.

We rock! Our graduates love us – and they’re not shy about telling the world. Check out our testimonials. These are videos from real people who took our courses. Watch what they have to say about us. Read More

Fast-Track your Event Management Qualification

There are twelve modules on this course. Most people complete one module per week and graduate after 3 months. They take the fast-track.

But we know that unexpected things happen. You might get an opportunity to travel, find that you are expecting a baby or need time to care for a relative, so we allow you one year to complete the course. Whatever the reason – our flexible policy allows you to take the time out that you need, and return to your studies when you are ready.

A broad range of innovative and proven Event Management Course Materials

We created special video clips for the event management course. We interviewed newspaper editors, social media experts, journalists, event managers, pr practitioners, TV presenters and radio journalists about their businesses. Their advice is available exclusively to our students.

We also created a lot of audio content. Ellen Gunning puts event management professionals in the interviewee chair on her radio programme. The Mediascope Show is broadcast on 103.2 Dublin City fm each week. Our specially selected and edited Mediascope audios give insights into crisis planning, organising events, working in media and much more. 

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Starts: 24 August 2017

Diploma in Event Management course fee: £825

Event Management Testimonials

Event Management Graduate Eva Corbett

"I'm a sociolinguist from Cork and I did the Event Management course in UCC, I found it to be extremely insightful, relevant and useful. I had some previous knowledge of event planning but after completing the course I can now say with confidence that I can take any event from concept to reality. Because of that, I am currently on the search for a new and exciting role in the events sector. I would highly recommend this course and the Irish Academy of Public Relations to anyone interested in this area." - Eva Corbett

More Testimonials from Graduates

Event Management Tutor

Jenny Murray Event Management

Jenny Murray holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Studies from DCU and a Master’s in Business Studies from Dublin Business School. She is a graduate of the Irish Academy of Public Relations having completed their Diploma in Event Management and their TV Presenters course. She has worked within the Event industry for the past 8 years managing and co-ordinating a wide range of events covering corporate events, such as Arthur’s Day, Google Christmas parties; sporting events, such as The Curragh Races, Full Tilt Poker Challenge in Galway in 2013; and private events such as weddings, holy communions and private dinner parties. She has recently set up her own event management business targeting both the wedding and corporate event markets.

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