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Radio Presenter Course

Starts: 26 May 2018

Want to work as a Radio Presenter?

If you ever wanted to become a Radio Presenter, would like to read the news, fancy yourself presenting a mid-morning chat show, think you could handle being a late-night shock-jock, would like to present a music show, or you just have an interest in radio - then you should consider this media training course.
Radio broadcasting courses sometimes focus on the technology in the studio, but on this course, the focus is firmly on learning the skills that a Radio Presenter needs.
Throughout the day, you will learn about the different styles of delivery and about the way a radio station works, including the role of the producer and researcher. Most important of all, you will learn about the things that can – and do – go wrong, and how you, as the presenter, must handle them. You will spend most of the day in studio, wearing the headphones, talking into the microphones, researching and conducting an interview and generally getting comfortable with the sound of your own voice. You will practice your skills in a real radio environment and you will understand where your strengths lie.
You will graduate with a Demo Disc and a Certificate. The Demo Disc is your calling card for radio stations, it showcases your abilities to future employers. Having a good, written CV is important for some jobs. Having a Demo Disc is vital for radio - it’s all about how you SOUND.
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Topics covered in the Irish Academy Radio Presenter Course

The radio presenter course is structured into four modules. Module one is taught in an interactive tutorial style. The remaining modules are skills-based and are taught in studio. You will spend most of your day in the studio, recording in different styles, and researching and conducting an interview.

Module 1: How a radio station works Video

The structure of broadcasting in Ireland – how a radio station works – roles of presenter/producer/director – radio jobs in Ireland - use of language – regulations and obligations – working in broadcast journalism – how to structure an interview.

Module 2: How to create vox-pops Video

Agreeing a subject – finding contributors – structuring questions – sound quality – balance – creating a radio package.

Module 3: How to read the news Video

Breathing properly – checking pronunciations – timing – reading with clarity and without emotion.

Module 4: How to conduct an interview Video

Reviewing a briefing document – writing programme intro and outro – structuring interview questions – conducting a one-to-one interview.

Starts: 26 May 2018

The broadcast media has expanded in recent years, radio stations have amalgamated under major brands, new online and digital radio stations continue to appear. There are plenty of radio jobs in Ireland and many are for radio presenters.

Radio Presenters are needed for chat shows, music programmes, news and sports reports. They also work as programme contributors. Freelance radio presenters write and record packages for programmes and often discuss them with the presenter in studio. Journalists on contract present the majority of daily and weekly shows on air.

Radio presenters also chair conferences, open events and do voice-overs for charity.

Learning from experienced Radio broadcast professionals

Two tutors teach this course. Heather MacLeod is an experienced researcher, producer and station manager who will give you an insight into the technical aspects of radio presenting. Ellen Gunning is an experienced presenter and media trainer who will help you to structure your questions and create your own style of presenting on radio.

Both women have vast knowledge. They love to share their expertise. They enjoy interacting with students. They are generous with their time and their advice. They are also very useful contacts for you! Read More

Radio Presenter - a Proven and Popular course of study

Media training is our business. We have been teaching radio presenting for the last decade. Courses are always taught in a radio studio. Students are in a working radio environment for the entire day.

We’ve taught people from a mix of different backgrounds and countries. Some work as radio presenters (in Ireland and abroad). Some work a researchers, newsreaders, co-anchors and freelance contributors. Many contribute on specialist subjects (like law or stress management).

We rock! Our graduates love us – and they’re not shy about telling the world. Check out our testimonials. These are videos from real people who took our courses. Watch what they have to say about us. Read More

Fast-Track your Radio Presenter career

The Academy's Radio Presenters Course is widely regarded as one of the best Radio Presenters courses you can study. On completion, you have a Certificate in Radio Presenting and a Demo Disc of the work you have done over the day. It is your personal disc with recordings of you reading the news, conducting an interview and presenting a vox-pop. You can use this disc with future employers to showcase your abilities. After all, having a good, written CV is important but, on radio, you MUST be able to showcase how you SOUND.

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Starts: 26 May 2018

Radio Presenter course fee: £175

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Radio Presenter Testimonials

Radio Presenter Graduate Jessica

"The radio presenting course is actually one thing that made me love Dublin! I got to meet great, wonderful people. I applied for this course because I want to be a presenter; being on television or radio is okay for me, but since this course I am more into radio presenting. I joined this course so that I could get a job as a radio presenter, whether it's for news, entertainment or current affairs. All in all, it is a great experience and I really recommend it to anyone who is interested in being a presenter to try it out, as they would really enjoy it!" - Jessica Motsumi

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