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TV Presenter Course

Starts: 22 & 23 September 2018

Want to become a TV presenter?

Television Presenting is a great career. You are the trusted face of the news, or the reliable children’s entertainer. You are the gizmo expert with the inside knowledge, the film reviewer who gets the best interviews with celebrities or the chat show host that everyone loves to watch.
There are lots of opportunities for TV presenters and plenty of television stations to present on. You need to know about the studio set-up, the lights and cameras, the instructions that the floor manager will give. You need to know how to use autocue, structure questions for an interview and present link pieces to pre-recorded audio.
Media training is our business so, over one intensive fun weekend, we will teach you the skills you need to work as a TV presenter. You will spend one full day learning and practising these skills in a studio environment. You will be taught by industry experts who will offer advice and guidance. They will help you to gain confidence and teach you how to present well. On the second day of the weekend, you will record your showreel which will be your calling card for the industry. You will present in three different styles, with three different looks. You will be advised about clothes in advance and our make-up artist will ensure that you get the looks right on the day. (Note - both men and women wear make-up on TV).
You will graduate with a Showreel and a Certificate. The Showreel is your calling card for television stations, it showcases your abilities to future employers. Having a good, written CV is important for some jobs. Having a Showreel is vital for television - it’s all about how you LOOK.
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Topics covered in the Irish Academy TV Presenter Course

The TV presenter course is structured into five modules. Module one is taught in an interactive tutorial style. The remaining modules are skills-based and are taught in studio. You will spend most of your first day in the studio, practicing, becoming familiar with the cameras and lights and gaining confidence with the autocue and the different styles of television presenting. The second day is spent in studio shooting your showreel (module 5).

Module 1: Introduction. Video

Introduction to the television studio and the roles of the producer, editor, researcher and technician. Introduction to the role of the TV presenter – pitch, tone, speed, delivery, comprehension and listening skills.

Module 2: News Bulletin. Video

Voicing a news script. Reading and recording a news bulletin. Getting used to the autocue. Feedback and advice on your presentation and delivery.

Module 3: Different styles of presentation. Video

Preparing a Piece To Camera (PTC). Choice of language. Descriptive passages. Presenting to camera.  Feedback and advice.

Module 4: Studio Interviews. Video

How to conduct an interview. Language. Style of questions. Preparation. Listening. Supplemental Questions. Setting the tone.  Choice of clothes.

Module 5: Showreel. Video

You will be advised about the different clothes to wear and our make-up artist will ensure that you are looking your best. This module is about shooting your showreel. You spend the day in studio shooting three different TV presentation styles which will be edited for your showreel.

Starts: 22 & 23 September 2018

TV Presenter Jobs

Television stations are always looking for new talent and TV presenters often work between Ireland, Northern Ireland and the UK. There is a lot of cross-border television broadcasting which creates a lot of cross-border opportunities as well.

There are large numbers of digital channels which cover specialist areas like country music or religion. In addition, there has been a growth in regional television in Ireland, and the new Irish TV station targeting the diaspora in the USA which will be a major employer in the future.

Finally, there is also a sizeable growth in the video market and there are large budgets available for TV shows commissioned from independent producers. TV presenters get well paid employment working for corporate video companies and independent production houses. 

Learning from experienced TV professionals

When you start studying with us, you are trained by a working television presenter. Our tutors have practical experience and can offer guidance based on years of accumulated experience.

You also have the benefit of a qualified camera person who shoots the footage, edits it and creates your showreel. Finally, our make-up artist will ensure that you look your best.

Our team are industry experts. They have vast knowledge. They love to share their expertise. They enjoy interacting with students. They are generous with their time and their advice. They are also very useful contacts for you! Read More

TV Presenter  - a Proven and Popular course of study

We have been teaching TV Presenting courses for over a decade. We’ve taught people from a mix of different backgrounds and countries with a mix of skills and job expectations. Some of our graduates work as TV sports reporters, entertainment correspondents and regional reporters. Others work for corporate video and independent production houses. Over the years we have, literally, changed people’s lives.

We rock! Our graduates love us – and they’re not shy about telling the world. Check out our testimonials. These are videos from real people who took our courses. Watch what they have to say about us. Read More

Fast-Track your TV Career

The Academy's TV Presenter Course is widely regarded as one of the best TV Presenter courses you can study. On completion, you have a Certificate in Television Presenting and a Showreel of the work you have done over the weekend.

It is your personal showreel which has clips of you presenting in three different styles which could be: reading the news, conducting an interview and presenting in a relaxed MTV-style. After all, having a good, written CV is important but, on television, you MUST be able to showcase how you LOOK. Your showreel is your calling card.

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Starts: 22 & 23 September 2018

TV Presenter course fee: £500

Location: Dublin, Ireland

TV Presenter Testimonials

TV Presenter Tutor

Barbara Collins TV Presenter

Barbara Collins has been a reporter and producer in News and Current Affairs at BBC Northern Ireland for twelve years. She was one of 13 picked out of 13,000 applicants for the prestigious BBC Broadcast Journalist Trainee programme. She has been fully trained in every aspect of television and radio. During her career so far, she has worked across the UK and Europe. She has also made a documentary for the BBC World Service and All India Radio on mixed marriages. Barbara has made several programmes for BBC Radio Five Live and has compiled packages for various programmes on the BBC Radio Four network. Her documentary on the Basque Country Elections was shortlisted at the Celtic Media Festival and she was also shortlisted for a Prix Europa for her programme on teenage cosmetic surgery.

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