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Career Options

Unlike other industries, communications is an industry which will continue to grow.

It has a bright future. Corporations, charities and politicians will need to communicate in the future, and media outlets will need skilled practitioners to tell their readers, listeners and viewers about what is going on.


Jobs in Social Media Marketing

Job opportunities in social media marketing occur across every industry. Businesses need a social media presence, and they also need a skilled and able practitioner with a knowledge of this complex and growing area of communications.  This is an area of employment which has grown during the economic downturn. It is a specialisation which is in demand worldwide.

Jobs in Public Relations

Public Relations jobs can be demanding and stressful. They are also very rewarding and well paid. PR practitioners find work in government departments, sports bodies, charities, non-governmental organisations, the music and film industries, financial services and business generally.

Jobs in Event Management

Event Management jobs include conference organisers, wedding planners, festival co-ordinators and event management companies. Event managers organise product launches and Olympic Games. They manage school outings and national festivals like St. Patrick’s Day.

Jobs in Media:

Broadcast Media – Radio

Traditional broadcast media outlets are expanding in Ireland and new online and digital radio stations continue to appear. Freelance radio presenters write and record packages for programmes and often also discuss them with the presenter in studio.


Media outlets will always need journalists most of whom, nowadays, work as freelances for a mix of media including print, online, radio and television. Journalists also work a spokespersons and PR consultants for corporate organisations.

Mobile Journalism

The smartphone has given journalists the ability to record visual footage and audio clips, and take still photographs to accompany their written text. This has revolutionised journalism and provided multiple platforms for journalists to target and earn money from.

Radio Presenter Jobs

Radio Presenters are needed for chat shows, music programmes, news and sports reports. They also work as programme contributors. Journalists on contract present the majority of daily and weekly shows on air.

TV Presenter Jobs

Television stations are always looking for new talent and TV presenters often work between Ireland, Northern Ireland and the UK. There are lots of cross-border opportunities as there are also jobs in regional and digital television stations.

Continuing Professional Development

Because you never stop learning in this business, and because all of our courses deal with specific areas of communications, you can add to your skillset by studying another of our courses is a related discipline. Check out our graduates – many have taken two or more courses with us.