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Course Format

Our online courses always start on a Thursday. On that day, students receive details of the tutor who has been allocated to them, and they also received their first module.

Your Modules

Our course are taught by modules. Each module contains questions at the back which must be answered and graded by your tutor. Your second module will be sent to you on receipt of your first, (and so on), so that you always have a module in hand to study while your work is being corrected. You should retain a copy of your answers as they are not returned with your tutor's comments.

Allowing enough study time

You should allow 2 hours for your first assignment. This is the shortest module. We like to get you started immediately. You receive your first module on a Thursday and we expect your answers back by Monday. For all other modules you have a full week. 

Submission Days and Response Time

Modules are sent to tutors on Tuesday of each week, so your completed module should reach me by start of business on Monday so that I can send it to your tutor the following day. Modules are returned to students, with comments and grades, no later than five working days after they are issued to the tutor, i.e. Tuesday of the following week, by close of business.

First module: We ask that you complete your first module immediately and submit it by Monday of next week. Thereafter, you will have one week in which to complete each subsequent module.

On-Going Assessment

As a student of the online course, your work will be evaluated by 'continuous assessment' i.e. each of your responses to modules will be awarded a grade. A compilation of grades from all modules will determine the overall grade awarded for this course of study, and a Certificate will automatically issue on completion of the final module.


Your module responses should be sent in a Word document attached to your email. If you are sending additional material in support of your response (e.g. scanned press cuttings, photographs etc.) please send them as JPEGs or PDFs.

Student Liaison Officer

Our Student Liaison Officer is the link between students and tutors to ensure the smooth flow of modules and responses. Students have a direct email contact for the Student Administrator who is always available to handle queries and help students in any way possible.

We post your PR Certificate worldwide

On completion of the course, you will receive a transcript listing each of the results that you achieved in each of the modules. You will also receive your Certificate. These are posted to you no matter where in the world you live. We think you deserve a real Certificate for your wall!