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Your PB

Your PB

What is your PB? (And no, I don’t mean peanut butter) =) If you have been gripped by the exciting moments of triumph and devastation that the Olympics bring, then you will know that PB means ‘Personal Best’, and it is usually the absolute desire of every athlete to beat their previous PB record, and win an Olympic gold medal on the way.   

Every time I have watched these amazingly well trained Olympians champion their course I am reminded of my own PB, in various areas of my life. When I wake up in the morning I am learning to remind myself that today is a new day to challenge my personal best. I can always try to improve on the choices I made yesterday and give my absolute best in all I endeavour to do.

Michael Phelps has astonished all who have been watching his journey. He has come back from great challenges and a retirement, to win more medals than he even believed he could himself.

 Tuesday's 200m butterfly gold medal made him the oldest swimmer to win an individual Olympic title at 31 years of age. He has earned the title, ‘GOAT’ – ‘the greatest of all time’, and quite frankly he is a medal machine! As I watched him shed a tear as he held his new three month old son, my eyes filled with tears with him. It felt exhilarating to watch him kick his doubts, fears and physical challenges to the curb and go for gold. My blood raced with motivation and excitement as I watched the faces of the crowds who applauded him; I thought to myself how many of them have overcome their own PB challenges too, and are living testimonies to the same courage we see in Michael Phelps?

Your PB may only matter to you…there may never be a gold medal placed around your neck, but that does not diminish the innate value in giving your best. You can award yourself every day; every time you overcome a challenge or advance towards something you dearly want.

It starts now

Grab a few quiet moments today and jot down some key things that you really want to see happen in your life. What comes to your mind the instant you think of your ‘Personal Best’? What can you do better? What can you stop doing? What is holding you back from literally being the champion you want to be? Only you know what hinders you from achieving the best version of you that you can possibly be.

If you need direction or help in challenging these issues, talk to someone. Training can also open new doors for you in becoming the person you want to be.  At the Irish Academy of Public Relations there are lots of new things you can do to improve your PB. You may actually be surprised at how a new challenge can infuse your life with a greater sense of achievement, and fuel you to keep improving on the future you are creating. Lots of people have completed these courses and found new direction in their careers and personal lives. Apply now and begin a new journey in always achieving a new ‘Personal Best’, and going for what gold means to you.

Come on, grab your swimming gear and dive in; the pool is waiting for you… It is time to see what happens when you give your personal best…


=) Denise Kennedy

August 11th


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